FCC complaint: Baltimore police are breaking law with use of stingray phone trackers. Is this a necessary tool for law enforcement?

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  • No, they are not.

    The groups that are complaining about these devices have every right to complain. They are quite intrusive, and they can cause regular calls to fail. I feel that these devices should not be allowed for the simple reason of privacy. We should be able to use our phones without having to worry about unwanted parties listening.

  • No, Stingray trackers are unnecessary.

    No, Stingray phone trackers are unnecessary in most cases. The Stingray technology is too powerful and potentially devastating to average citizen privacy that it can't be allowed to be used at the whim of local police departments. At the very least, it should require the same kind of legal hurdles as a regular phone tap.

  • No, stingray tracking is not a necessary tool for law enforcement.

    If stingray tracking has become a necessary tool for law enforcement, I would have to ask why Nixon was expelled from his position as United States President! There has been no evidence announced that this tool is beneficial to solving crimes and satisfies only the wishes of those attempting to find something suspicious of another.

  • Phone trackers are not a necessary law enforcement tool

    No, the Baltimore police department do not need to use stringray phone trackers to enforce the law. It is wonderful that law enforcement officials feel it is important to do all in their power to help citizens feel as safe as possible, but infringing on privacy is not the way to do it.

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