• Better the FCC than Comcast

    I know it may seem odd for me to be supporting a government entity, but at the very least that means that our freedoms will be protected. To be fair, this means level playing ground for all websites and web traffic to be treated fairly. Plus no blocking or slowing down websites for just any reason.

    Posted by: S.K
  • It is a public tool for everyone to use

    The internet is a great tool that has been a force for sharing knowledge, driving innovation, and inspiring creativity. And a lot of these things are not just solely driven by want of profit, it is often driven by nothing more than random creative output shared with the world and pooled together to form bigger ideas. The internet is one of the few things we in America have that is equal and everyone's thoughts and ideas are heard regardless of money. By handing it over to ISP's just so they can make money is morally wrong and potentially economically and socially devastating. The one thing any for-profit business wants is money. By handing over the internet to these corporations will give other larger corporations a huge advantage over everyone else. These huge corporations will blot out the many millions of smaller businesses who use the internet to get started by being able to pay for much more broadband and overall better internet which could potentially destroy smaller companies which are the backbone of America's economy.

  • The Internet shouldn't be stifled.

    The Internet has done amazing things in the short time it's been around. It's literally revolutionized business, socialization, and information handling. What's enabled all these innovations is the fact all data is treated equally on the Internet. Small personal blogs can be read just easily as articles from the New York Times. Start-ups can compete directly with large, established moguls. Arguably capitalism at its purest. If large companies can pay for higher speeds, the inevitable result will be smaller competitors are forced out of the marketplace, monopolies take over, and the problems that exist in real life with franchises vs. Mom-and-pop stores will appear online.

  • We are from the government and here to make everything fair

    FCC plans regulating internet access like a public utility. What will be the next step? Social conservatives will write laws to restrict access of sex offenders. The equality crowd will want welfare queens to chat at the same internet speeds as business processes orders. While others will push for content regulation. This was a bad day for freedom.

  • This is CRAZY!!!!

    First, It should be a red flag that this bill just got passed without going through congress or the supreme court. Second it was passed by literally 3 people!!!!!!! 3 PEOPLE!!! It makes me sick to my stomach that people could actually support a program that bypassed all of our checks and balances!

    Posted by: BIGC
  • IT is crazy!!!!

    First, it did not go through congress or the supreme court!!!!!!! What more need I say. I don't get you people, it should be a red flag when the system is bypassed by 3 people!!!!!!!! 3 PEOPLE!!!!!!! It makes me sick to my stomach that people could actually support this program that just bypassed all our checks and balances!!

  • I sure wish they'd publicize the automotive industry and make those filthy corporations charge the same price for a Maserati as a Toyota.

    Faster speed, higher price. Any time there's a product of a higher quality, it should logically cost more than a product of lower quality. And just so you know, they're not planning to decrease anybody's speed, they're just going to increase the speed of people who cough up the cash. The government could easily pass legislation to ban any decrease without publicizing the industry and stopping the offer for an increase. Now instead we're going to put the internet in the hands of the bureaucracy, and nobody's going to get a higher speed. The natural incentives of competition and even monetary gain will be removed, and the only way the internet will improve from then on is by lobbying the federal government. The great growth we’ve experienced since the privatization of the internet will be halted. And sure, a lower but equal quality might not be all that bad for the mom and pop shops of the internet, but let me ask you this: If the only way you can make money off the service you provide is if the federal government bans anyone else from providing a better service, should you really be making money?

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