Federal court rules the Internet is a utility: Do you think the Internet is actually a luxury?

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  • Internet is a utility

    While a lot of people use the internet for luxury reasons, such as keeping in touch with friends and watching entertainment videos, I myself use the Internet on a daily basis to get work done. If it weren't for the Internet, I would not be able to pay the bills with the jobs I currently have. Because of this, I consider the Internet to be a utility.

  • Educating children is not a luxury.

    Many elementary and high schools in the US are now requiring their students to use an E-reader and download classbooks from the internet. Some places, an internet connection is REQUIRED to access those E-readers. If something is required for our children's education, then I certainly don't believe it's a luxury. It is a necessity for the betterment of our children. And in many cases, it's not optional.

  • The internet is a right, not a luxury

    The ability to access any information, whenever you want, is part of the beauty of the internet. When the Federal courts called the internet a utility, they were right: it performs the essential function of connecting individuals to people and ideas. This is a function that is invaluable in today's interconnected world, rather than a luxury reserved for the privileged few.

  • Internet connected world is much like electricity in homes.

    The internet in the modern day, (it's not as old as electricity) is a utility for most homes in the United States. One can hardly imagine not using the internet for buying, shopping, entertainment, communicating or working these days. With it's accessibility being multiplied with the growth of smart cell phones and wireless devices it's even more widespread. More homes have multiple internet access devices than have laundry machines that are privately owned.

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