Federal funding for abortions in the US: Should federal funding be provided for abortions in the United States?

  • Abortion is just another form of health care

    A government should provide health care for it's citizens, this includes funding abortions. Leave the moral dilemmas to the individual, it's not the government's place to impose opinions, but it is their responsibility to provide access to necessities such as healthcare. If you don't want to pay for someone else's abortion, I recommend promoting comprehensive sex education in schools.

  • Federal funding should be provided for abortions in the United States.

    Abortions are legal in the United States under federal law. There is not reason that this medical procedure should not get the same funding as any other one. If people do not support abortion, they have a right to believe that. Or, they can elect representatives who will change the laws. But until those changes are made, abortions have to be supported in the United States.

  • When does human life begin?

    Is there really a question anymore that life begins at conception? Here's a hint...That thing growing in there is alive (thus the growing part)...And once you concede that, you are forced to ask what kind of life is it? Well...You aren't growing a gazelle or muskox in there..Hopefully. But, then again, is it a forest, or just some trees?

  • Abortions should not be federally funded.

    Although I am pro-choice, I do not think the federal government should be paying for it. The federal funding is already going to schools, welfare, and other health care items for women. I think the federal funding should go towards birth control instead of just paying for the abortions themselves.

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