Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research: Does embryonic stem cell research greater potential than adult stem cell research?

  • They are both very viable options

    But embryonic stem cells are much more pure then adult stem cells and can be used for more tasks because they were not made in a specific organ like adult cells. Adult cells are still stem cells but are made in specific organs so that the stem cells can develop into the organs cells so they are more prepared to work for that organ.

  • It is worthy of research funding

    Many studies and reports have shown that embryonic stem cells can provide much greater results in curing disease than adult stem cells. Therefore it is imperative that we fully fund research into the benefits and uses of embryonic stem cells. To do otherwise is to deny patients with possible life-saving treatment options.

  • Stem cell research is unethical

    A fetus is a person too, it has all the DNA of the person, sometimes has feelings, even has a heartbeat. You cannot kill it I don't care if it is considered the right of someone to abort a fetus, I don't care if it is supposedly someones right to control their body, it is a person, it has life.

  • No, adult stem cell research may be more successful.

    While, for many years, scientists and researchers believed that embryonic stem cells would hold the answers since they are pluripotent, recent research suggests that one is possibly better off using their own stem cells for stem cell therapy. It is also likely that adult stem cells can be switched to become pluripotent, if that turns out to be something necessary for treatment. Both of these factors mean that the controversy revolving around embryonic stem cells may entirely be a moot point.

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