Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research: Does embryonic stem cell research have substantial promise for advancing public health?

  • Stem cells have their uses

    Stem cell research will open up a whole new field of medicine for humanity, and it's high time we can embracing and researching it. We can't let religious dogmas hold back medical progress, and the strenghening of our quality of life and humanity. Stop with the religious nonsense and let's embrace stem cells.

  • Two Words: Christopher Reeves

    Have you seen that episode of South Park where Christopher Reeves gets his strength back by sucking the life out of fetuses? Well, embryonic stem cell extraction isn't that painful, in fact the fetus doesn't even get hurt! Science has taken us to the point where we can get all the stem cells we need from the umbilical cord. How is that wrong? We can treat certain kinds of cancer with stem cells, and the baby doesn't get hurt in the process! It's time for America to open their eyes and look toward the future that is Science.

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