Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research: Should frozen embryos in in vitro fertilization be opened to research and funding?

  • Stem Cells Can Advance Medical Science

    Embryonic stem cell research can save lives of humans already alive. Stem cells can regrow brain tissue, nerve cells and bones. All it takes is a little more research into these embryoes and an entirely new division of medical science will open up with hundreds of new discoveries just waiting for us. Imagine curing diabetes, growing new organs, eliminating multiple sclerosis and solving Parkinson's disease with just one concept in medicine.

  • Stem cell research is a must

    Stem cell research has the potential to revolutionize health care. But certain religious feelings have worked to get in the way of this, as is typical of religion. Religion is the largest human institution with a vested interest in dying and fighting against reality, and this can be proven more than ever in Christian opposition to stem cell research.

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