Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research: Should the US government fund embryonic stem cell research?

  • Yes, the government should fund stem cell research.

    The government should absolutely fund stem cell research. The use of stem cells has led to so many amazing breakthroughs from degenerative diseases to trauma. The controversy comes from the fact that people think they must harvest it from a human embryo, which isn't always the case. Even when it is, the embryo isn't a conscience being. The benefits far outweigh any negatives.

  • As long as abortion exists

    As long as abortion exists, we might as well use the victims to save others. While I do not support abortion, I think as long as it is practiced, we might as well make some good from the murder of unborn children. At least then these embryos would not be wasted, and the government might be able to recoup some of the money it spends supporting abortion. Government funding should do what it does which is to make bad things better. If the government could find ways to save children with cancer, through stem cell research, it might be the best we can hope for. The US Government should fund embryonic stem cell research.

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