Federal Judge Kopf tells Supreme Court to "STFU" in his personal blog: Was Jug Kopf's remark out of line?

  • A Federal Judge should have Respect for the SCOTUS

    As a federal judge, respect should be given to the Supreme Court, which is the highest court of the country. Regardless of what Judge Kopf's feelings were regarding the decision that was made by the Supreme Court, a federal judge is held to a higher level than the average citizen. His remarks were disrespectful and unprofessional.

  • Yes, as a public figure he should know better

    While Judge Kopf is certainly entitled to his own opinion, he is a prominent public figure and ought to have expressed his opinions in a more professional way. What is on the internet is available for all to see, and if he would not have used that language directly with the Supreme Court in a professional setting, he should not have put it on his blog.

  • Yes, he was.

    He holds a very high position in this country and he has no business using that kind of language. I would also suggest that high level positions should limit social media use. His position assumes a certain level of maturity that this blog post certainly does not contain. It's rather disconcerting.

  • Yes, one expects more of a Federal Judge

    In my opinion, expletives are never an appropriate form of expression. I believe the public in general has the right to expect a Federal just to have more self control and regulate both his temper and his vocabulary, whatever the circumstances. This kind of outburst hurts the Justice System and diminishes the confidence of the public.

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