Federer sweeps Monfils: Was Monfils having an off-day when he lost the final set to Federer?

  • It appeared Monfils was having an off day when he lost to Federer.

    Tennis great Federer won the French open after defeating Gael Monfils. Monfils, a fantastic player in his own right, seemed to be having an off day and game when he faced off against Federer. The loss for Monfils was a result of this unfortunate turn of events at the French Open.

  • No, Monfils was not having and off-day when he lost to Federer

    Federer is a better tennis player and one of the best in the world so we can't say that he won the match because Monfils was having an off-day in the final set. The fact is, this is a game, and small things can decide the match and in this case Federer was just better player.

  • Federer earned the win over Monfils.

    In the match between Federer and Monsils, Monsils was the favorite but in the end lost. Some feel, including the sighing crowd, that Monsils was having a bad day but I disagree. I mainly disagree with this statement because the match took place over two days. Monsils had the ability to rest overnight and was still unable to come back for the win.

  • No, Monfils was not having an off-day when he lost the final set.

    It's not so much as having an off-day as it is about playing well. Monfils played well but not well enough to match up to Federer and as such, he lost. If anything, Monfils is to practice more so that he can take back what he lost to Federer this time.

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