Feds sue New York City for Medicaid fraud: Should those responsible be sent to prison instead of being fined?

  • Fraudsters Should Go To Jail

    The New York City Medical Fraud case as described by the NY prosecution appears to be an elaborate and well-organised crime scheme. The announced information depicts the participant in the crime as well prepared and technically savvy to fraudulently enrich from the state medical funds. I am fully supportive that fraudsters should be fined heavily and jail sentences be ruled out for the biggest criminal minds in the scheme.

  • Feds sue New York City

    Anytime a common person or persons are involved with mishandling funds in the government, they are usually sent to prison and fined. It is only right to fine and jail all the people in New York City who were involved with the Medicare fraud situation. One must make everyone accountable for their actions and all should be judged equally- even if you have deed pockets.

  • Yes, those responsible should be sent to prison instead of being fined.

    Yes, those responsible should be sent to prison instead of being fined. If a common citizen committed fraud, they would be sent to prison so this should be no different. This is just a perfect example where there is favoritism towards political entities, and is a disgrace to the country.

  • Only violent criminals who are a danger to society should be imprisoned.

    Studies show that criminals who spend time in jail are more likely to become repeat offenders, compared to criminals who are punished, but not imprisoned. Some criminals need to be locked up for the safety of society, but people who commit Medicaid fraud do not pose an immediate danger to those around them. Prisons are already overcrowded and adding more inmates is a burden to society, especially when sending people to prison is not an effective way to fight crime.

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