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Feinstein says CIA spied on Senate computers: Should Feinstein expect privacy when the common citizen is no longer allowed privacy?

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  • Feinstein should not be exempt

    Common citizens are no longer allowed privacy, so the Feinstein should expect the same treatment. The CIA is spying on everyone and everything these days, and no one should be allowed to be excluded from that treatment. Someone in a high ranking position who has the ability to make decisions with far reaching implications for every citizen should truly be the first to be monitored.

  • No, She Should Not

    It's pretty hilarious how she was all up in arms about Snowden and recent government leaks and has arguably been Obama's number one cheerleader when it comes to surveillance, yet she absolutely flipped her wig when she found out she was being spied on. It only makes her earlier comments about privacy even more disgusting.

  • Feinstein is a hypocrite

    Diane Feinstein has no more right to privacy than any other American citizen. A couple weeks ago she was praising the efforts of our spying on our own citizens in the name of national safety. Now she is calling for blood because they are spying on her. The truth of the matter is that is anyone should be spied upon, it is Feinstein and not the rest of us. She has a long history of corrupt behavior and is only still in office because they can never find a non-nuts Republican to run against her. This is a senator who has filtered billions in contracts to her husband's company including the California high speed rail project and the national project to tear down and sell off postal offices.

  • No She Shouldn't

    I do not believe Feinstein should expect privacy when the common citizen is no longer allowed it. I think the fact that she still thought she had privacy is quite funny. There's no way to guarantee privacy the ways things are in this country. Even the president could be targeted.

  • It is a double standard.

    No, Feinstein should not expect privacy when the common citizen is no longer allowed privacy, because Feinstein is asking to be treated different. We know that our emails are being watched. Feinstein should appreciate and accept that the same is happening to Senate computers. Senators are no better than the rest of us.

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