• Men are straightforward

    I'm by no means sexiest and have nothing against women. I'm in a happy relationship. They're important just like us men are. Being a college student I've noticed that hookup culture is popular. However, I've also noticed that women tend to feel they have to reject the idea of casual sex (even when they've done it). Females say they want honesty. It's a lie. It's the guys that pretend to want a relationship that get laid not the ones who honestly say I just want sex. Most of the time being honest results in the guy coming on too strong. Do women influence men to lie about they're intentions? Do they REALLY want honesty? I believe this attitude that you can't have sex without a relationship makes men lie.

  • Females do influence lying

    If a man describes himself in a good way, a woman won't believe him even if he is honest, so he will probably copy and paste a good general description and use canned phrases.

    When a man says he will call a woman tomorrow and he does, she will not speak to him ever again. Since women only trust men who lie, men must lie.

    Men who lie about their wealth etc do to fulfil women's fantasies

  • Of course not. How does one person influence whether another lies or not.

    It seems like relationships and sex are the inferred topic here but in the scenario given it is the man being dishonest if he pretends he is serious but only interested in sex. Men do engage in that nonsense I've seen my friends go through it and get strung along for years. Its very destructive and heaven help the poor baby that gets made in the interim because he may be aborted as its all been a lie. Lies on top of lies. But the notion that women only trust men who lie is pretty twisted. It sounds like a liar trying to justify why he lies.

  • Don't ascribe your issues to females' so-called influence on your behavior

    If you have an issue with lying, it's because of you, not females. It is very condescending to state "they're important just like us men are" as if that's not a given. Who exactly is, "us" anyway? Why paint females out to be the automatic other? By doing this, it makes it all the easier to assert this idea that "they" have an agenda that nefariously influences men's behavior. This kind of underhanded sexism needs to stop. Take responsibility for your actions, and quit ascribing your behavior to females just because it's the easiest explanation for dishonesty. It's dually disrespectful and belittling to both females and males.

  • Females may influence lying by men when they say no to sex. But if a man lies to change a woman's mind, it's immoral.

    If I understand this correctly, the proposition is that at least some women don’t want a relationship, they just want sex, but they lie because they don’t want to admit they have casual sex. So men have to lie about wanting a relationship, when they really just want casual sex, so it’s women’s fault they lied. My first point might be akin to “no means no.” If a woman says she doesn’t want casual sex, please take her at her word. Second, men should not let someone else define their morality. If a man tells a woman that he loves her and wants to be with her forever and ever and they have sex and then he dumps her the next night (because after all, she’s lying when she said she wanted a relationship), I don’t give him a moral pass, because he wants to cry entrapment. Also, even if a woman has had casual sex in the past, it doesn’t mean that she can’t embrace a less casual approach to sex in the future and it doesn’t mean that men get a free pass to lie to her in the future, because after all, she’d been casual in the past.

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