• I really depends

    In the west namely the U.S no, it is at best unnecessary amount of time and resources wasted that could be used to help more presssing matters. At worst it is harmful to the caouse and pushes people away. No if where talking about this middle east then yes it is important and good.

  • Yes but it depends on how they see equality

    Feminism can be an extremely positive thing especially in country's were women are not represented, or are seen as inferior to men. However, it is when feminists see small to medium differences between men and women in country's that already have representative and respect for women that it becomes a problem. While it important to maintain equality, equality doesn't always mean being the same.

  • Feminism has ruined women of America

    It has brainwashed and manipulated the women of this country.
    The constant complaint of being victims for the justification of failure.
    Demanding representation while not representing themselves. Watching some women achieve amazing success, but then claiming oppression when they themselves don't. Completely ignoring all things that privilege themselves while only focusing on areas they don,t. Demanding equal pay while not working equal hrs, locations and job types. Claiming to be the care giver of children when in family courts but demanding 50 % dad envelopment when married.
    Hypocritical women of north America are brainwashed victims of a life they should be thankful for every single day.

    Posted by: zoo
  • Feminism not about women

    Despite their best and most obvious claim, feminism is not about wiomen; it's about the continuation of feminism. Read their articles, they're all about what's good or bad for feminism, not what's good and bad for women. If it was about women, then they'd treat the pro-life ladies like humans instead of like trash.

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