Feminism: Does feminism address the right issues for women?

  • Feminism is about human rights

    Feminists support many diverse issues including equity in pay, fair division of household duties, stopping domestic violence and sexual assault, fairness in education and employment, access to birth control, and women's health issues. Fair treatment for women means stronger families and communities, as well as increased opportunities for women and girls.

  • Not truely needed

    Feminism is not truely needed nowadays in the western world. Maybe in other parts but feminist do kinda seem like cowards by not really dealing with anything about whatever the problem is. I don't know how bad feminism is in Australia but it seems pretty bad. The only thing I know about Australian feminist was on women's day I think and they where claiming that the little walking person should be female. But how would we do that?

  • No, and I wish it wasn't

    Unfortunately the focus of modern-day feminism has shifted from being about equal rights and pay for women (and men) to minor, petty things like how (some) videogames don't portray women as well as they could. This error in their priorities really annoys me as there are much much much more major issues which are blocked out by the childishness of some major feminists. So although I am totally for what feminism stands for on paper, I do not believe they are going about it in the right manor.

    Posted by: cj1m
  • Absolutely not. No.

    Modern feminism has gone past the days of votes for women and equal pay. Now, it is no longer about this but is a ploy for social justice warriors to voice their opinions which are very much biased against men. Society with its political correctness, fuelled by feminism, to force people to become overly tolerant. We are taught as men to grow up and go into well paying professions for the purpose of supporting our families and most importantly, monetarily supporting our wives material wants. Women now have equal opportunities so caring for children and providing should be an equal role.

    There is then the subject of rape. We are drilled by feminists that we live in a 'rape culture' which is simply false. This impels that we live in a society which promotes rape, anyone can realise this is simply untrue. Men accused of it are bombarded threats of castration and murder whether found guilty or not, and the legal system favours the side of the female Victim when cases of female-on-male rape are barely even considered. If a man is found guilty of rape with sufficient evidence, he shod undergo the proper legal proceedings and vice versa.

    If feminism is about equality, why focus on one gender?

  • Modern feminism is about hating men

    If they cared about women, then they'd teach women that sometimes, just sometimes, women are in the wrong and are not the victim.

    Shocking I know, and to a feminist, it's impossible.

    Feminism frames EVERY debate as male = guilty, female = not guilty.

    That's their schtick and it just keeps perpetuating female victimhood.

  • Modern day feminism is nothing more then a joke

    The most popular feminist of our time are only interested in the most picayune problems that women face. Whilst I am a supporter of female rights and to some extent feminism, the only feminism that seems to make it to the mainstream light has been nothing more then a feeble ploy to empty the wallets of females around the globe. Pantene and Always are the two I am referring too but it is not just limited to those specific companies but it seems as of the most popular female problems are simply ridiculous. I could go on forever about the incredibly ludicrous "like a girl" campaign but I will try to condense the rest of my argument to one sentence. Feminism should be focusing on the bigger picture rather then the little first world problems that women face on day to day basis, it should be focusing on the injustice that women face in third world countries not the petty labelling issues that some women experience.

  • No, it does not.

    Financially and politically, women and men are incredibly close. Both have equal opportunities.

    Feminism has resorted to nothing more than double standards. Activists harp on to the hair brained theory we live in a 'rape culture' which has absolutely no backing and is tarnishing the great morals feminism used to stand for.

    All I hear from feminists now is that, men can sleep with who they want and be praised, and women can't because they will be condemned.

    Issues like these resort to petty hear say and focus on incredibly minor sexual differences. It's been a long time since I have backed a cause with feminism and believe me I am all for equality in gender.

  • No, it is going too far.

    No, feminism does not address the right issues for women, because feminism goes overboard under the guise of women's rights. Women's rights groups today just want women to get more support from the government, and have their birth control paid for. This is much different than having women free enough to live their own lives, which is all feminism was meant to be.

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