• I strongly believe in feminism but ...

    I believe in feminism, as women have many skills that are valuable to society. I believe women should be allowed to work and be paid the same as men with the same conditions. They should be allowed to vote, and have the right to education. However, I don't think women are in any way better than men. Both are equal and both should be treated equally.

  • Yes - as a movement, a philosophy and a cause.

    Feminism is not only good but it was necessary in pushing for the liberation of women in the past and continues in bringing equality between the genders. As people, a message or a cause carried out by a group or collective as important as gender equality is good in every sense of the word: to progress as a society, philosophically as equal rights regardless of sex is logical and the most important of all these - morally, it is right and a movement most necessary and important.

  • Not even in the beginning, to be honest...

    If you read through the history of what feminists have done, and what they advocate under the banner of feminism in sociology, gender studies and the like, it really isn't about the dictionary definition.

    Sorry, but being for equality is good, but the ends don't justify the means. Demeaning a large part of the population, and basically trying to rewrite history according to a Marxist narrative is simply dishonest.

  • SInce the question is posed in the present tense, I will say no; 'feminism' as a sociopolitical movement is not currently 'good'.

    The first equal rights advocates, humanist men and women, believed in achieving equal legal rights for men and women, and in Western society this has been achieved. Thereafter the movement was hijacked by more radical feminists whose very name betrays their outlook; that the feminine character is superior to the masculine.

    Feminism, by dictionary definition, is the pursuance of social change to achieve equal legal rights for men and women, based upon the idea that men and women are inherently equal. While this in and of itself is a fantastic, worthy, beautiful cause when it is carried out by nonviolent and peaceful means (as goes for any cause), the modern radical feministic movement exceeds these boundaries of difiniendi and proposes dangerous social ideas that are starkly unequal.

    What the modern radical feminist movement advocates goes far beyond equal legal rights for the sexes and into misandry; the construction of an unfair child support system where men are expected to provide for the woman and the children regardless of whether they are married or whether the man is allowed to see his children or not; the propagation of the idea that women should not be suspected of lying, abusive bahaviour or violence in domestic situations; the marketing of the idea that women are not responsible for the amount of alcohol they drink nor the actions they partake in while under the influence; and the pursuance of changing the individual's opinion towards believing that men are dangerously abusive by default and that women are innocent by default. These ideals are not based of ideals of equality, but of misandry, female superiority and the emasculation of men.

    Equal legal rights is a worthy cause to pursue -- there is no doubt of that -- but it is also a cause that secular humanism can provide for without all the burdens of 'feminism' and what that has come to mean in today's Western world.

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