Feminists: Is it wrong I don't want gender equality?

Asked by: BreadYumm
  • GENDER equality is the crisis

    Feminism itself is all about empowerment for women, yes. HOWEVER, the goal is to prove ourselves equal right? Gender equality is a massive issue and a very hot topic. I think when it comes down to it, you are ultimately proving yourself to be equal if not maybe a little more. So in the end, i believe that gender quality itself is directly involved with feminism for the mere fact that women can do anything men can. So i guess what im trying to say is, instead of thinking about making only women superior or making women thrive, think about what exactly youre working towards and also that you cant only uphold one gender because that will only get things back to the whole problem of one gender being superior to the other. You cant uphold one gender because then you are going to have the exact same situation a few years down the road.

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