• Yes, I believe this was a response to Donald Trump.

    I don't agree with most of what Donald Trump says or does. However, he does seem committed to bring jobs back to American soil. This is something we desperately need in this country. We are far too reliant on foreign nations to product our basic needs. I believe in globalization, but it needs to be done more thoughtfully.

  • There is pressure.

    Trump has already figured out that he can manipulate businesses from his bully pulpit. Trump knows that if he doesn't like something that a company does, all he has to do is say so on Twitter. Then, the price of the company's stock takes a plunge. Fiat didn't want to risk it so they caved to Trump.

  • Fiat move to Detroit nothing to do with Trump

    Fiat/Chrysler started retooling U.S. production plants last year well before Donald Trump was elected and certainly before anyone believed that Trump could win the election. The moves to start building Jeep products in the U.S. had more to do with the poor sales of Dodge Darts and Chrysler 300's than any political issues. It was just business.

  • No, this was not in response to Trump.

    I do not believe that the creation of American jobs by the company Fiat has been swayed much by Donald trump. Large multinational companies such as Fiat are always looking to expand into different countries, and creating jobs in America is surely something that any company must consider at some stage, regardless of Donald Trump.

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