Fifa World Cup 2014: Can the USA break it's losing streak against Ghana?

  • Yes, the USA has a chance to win

    Yes, the USA can break its losing streak against Ghana. Solely due to the history between these two teams, the ammunition is there for the USA to beat Ghana. Because they've lost to Ghana in the past, the USA team will be even more motivated and determined to kick ass and win.

  • Yes, the USA can break their losing streak against Ghana

    The USA and Ghana will both have an equal opportunity to win the game during the World cup. The USA also packs in intense team structure, with a strong sense of pride standing behind the team on the sidelines, in the stands,and from those who cannot watch in person. the only downfall is that the USA is not a soccer nation, however, this will be an easy challenge to overcome.

  • No, USA cannot break its losing streak against Ghana.

    The USA team competing in the Fifa World Cup 2014 has little hope to defeat the team from Ghana. They are still too inexperienced and lack the necessary leadership within their coaching staff. The players are hard workers, but they aren't prepared well enough to go against a team that is made up of teammates that are used to playing together.

  • We're not a soccer country.

    No, the USA cannot break its losing streak against Ghana, because soccer is just not something that we're at the top of the world in. Also, on the USA team this year, there is dissent, because some people are not happy with who the coaches selected for the team. You can't win if you aren't unified.

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