FIFA World Cup Series: Do you think the Brazil vs. Croatia game will be exciting?

  • YES! It is the World Cup!

    The World Cup is great! Any match in the World Cup is fantastic! It will be as good as any other game in the Brazil 2014 World Cup. Both teams have very good lineups and I am looking forward to watching the game unlike any World Cup match this year!

  • It's the World Cup.

    Yes, the Brazil vs Croatia game will be exciting in the world cup, because everything that happens in the world cup is exciting. The World Cup is what soccer players train their entire lives for. It is a bigger deal than the Olympics. Eyes are on Brazil so the competition against them will be exciting.

  • A great game ahead!

    Brazil vs. Croatia is the first game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, so football fans who have been waiting for four years will have maximum energy going in to the game. In addition, this game pits a traditional powerhouse team playing on their own turf against an underdog - but an underdog who Brazil only narrowly defeated in 2006. Croatia will give Brazil a run for their money and put on a great show for the Brazilian fans in the stands.

  • Yes I do

    Because it is the first game of the series, and Croatia is a fairly strong team that could upset the hosting Brazilians. The opening ceremonies along with the home crowd should make this one of the most memorable games of the World Cup, and will probably be the game that most people will remember when they think back to it.

  • Yes, the Croatia/Brazil game will be exciting

    I think the Brazil and Croatia game will be exciting. I think that both teams have some really good players on their squad. Brazil will especially field a team that will consist of some of the best players in the sport. I think this will be a really good game.

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