Fifteen thousand lawyers sign petition protesting Bannon's appointment: Should the president listen to the protesters and petitioners more?

  • Yes, the president should listen to the protesters and petitioners more.

    Yes, the president should listen to the protesters and petitioners more because he claims he will help all people. If he picks someone who does not stand up for a large amount of people, then he is not the president of everyone. He will pick and choose who he will help.

  • The President Elect should listen

    Although it is doubtful that the president elect will listen to anyone, he should take into consideration the concerns of the public. Bannon is a very controversial figure who does have ties with controversial groups. He will be in decision making position and influence the president. The president should listen.

  • I think all voices need to be heard

    When working with people in the government, especially when dealing with appointed, rather than elected, officials, the President needs to lend an ear to those who disagree with the appointment, especially when the number of those disagreeing is so large. I don't think anyone truly believes that Bannon was a good choice for the position, but not everybody is going to speak out about it.

  • That would be anarchy.

    The people who elected Trump President represent the will of the people. The will of the people is not a bunch of loud, angry protesters. Trump needs to follow the directives that he set out when he was running for office. If he listened to the loud minority the country would descend into chaos.

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