Fighting Waste and Hunger: Should Italian law require its supermarkets to donate unsold food to the needy?

  • Yes, the death penalty is justified

    Yes, the death penalty is justified. People who commit really bad crimes should be sentenced to severe punishments. The death penalty should be an option for those who commit certain types of crimes. Even if the death penalty has proven to be an inefficient as a deterrent to certain crimes, it still brings the victims families closure.

  • Why waste good food?

    If the food is going to go in the trash anyway why not donate the food to the poor or homeless? As long as its not spoiled, mold, etc. it is still good food, and that would be such a waste to just throw it away when it could be used by those in need.

  • Donating Unsold Food Helps Everyone

    Making a law that would require Italian supermarkets to donate unsold food would help many
    The supermarkets would feel great about putting their leftover food to good use and the needy we be able to get proper food and nutrition. A law would make it a requirement instead of just a possibility guaranteeing many would be helped.

  • Yes, it is inhumane for anyone to discard that which could save a life.

    There are so many hungry people in the world, not just in distant lands, but in our own neighborhoods. If a store is going to discard expired and unsold food, they should instead donate to those in need they would not be losing any profit in doing so. And could also gain new customers through positive publicity.

  • No. It should be up to the business.

    No. There should be no law that require anyone (not just supermarket) to donate unsold food to the needy. It should be up to individual and business. If they want to, they can. If they don't want to, that's their right also. Plus why should it be just for the needy? It should be available for everyone. But if that's the case then no one will spend money to buy food and the business will go under.

  • It's a great idea, but hard to enforce

    I think that the idea of donating unsold food rather than throwing it out is a great idea. There are so many needy people that could benefit from the donated food. There is no reason any business should be throwing out food if it is still edible. However, I'm not sure the government should be forcing a company to do so. This could cause problems. If a business has to donate unsold items, people may start buying less in hopes of waiting for the food to be donated, which could cause financial problems for the company. I think companies should donte when possible, but the government shouldn't be forcing it.

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