File-sharing: Is file-sharing copy-right infringement, and is this OK?

  • Make it legal, but with attachments.

    File sharing has many factors anyway. The copyright stuff is still bypassed by websites like thepirateBay or isohunt as well as other sites. However, what's to stop someone from bypassing it by implementing the source code in their own files and then changing it. Really, it depends what exactly you are doing. Illegal use could be considered getting the full version of an app via 3rd party sites as one example. Legal could be downloading things that are fair for anyone to use such as using example.Com without needing permission.

  • File Sharing is perfectly OK.

    I think file sharing is good, it can help you get computer programs for free, I can't wait until they legalize file sharing, and to say goodbye to copyright forever, file sharing should be legalized soon, and those people who copyrighted their hard work should be ashamed for copyright, it is OK

  • File-Sharing has always been illegal

    Even though Internet piracy will never end in this world, it is still very illegal and rips off just about everybody involved. It can be a very risky thing to do, as well, especially if these people "leeching" the files, decide to attempt to distribute these movies/tv shows in any way.

  • File-sharing in and of itself is not copyright infringement.

    Simple file-sharing is not copyright infringement. It all depends on what kind of files a person is sharing. If it's something you've personally created, it's not possible to infringe on any copyright laws. However, if you are file sharing content made by another user, then you are running a huge risk.

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