File-sharing: Should music be more about the art than the business?

  • The creativity needs to be brought back to music.

    I think that music should be more about the art than the
    business. Nowadays, a lot of young
    people are conditioned not to buy music.
    They are so used to downloading now.
    Most of this is because the industry has been made all about business
    and not about art. The people are ready
    for a change back to the way music used to be.

  • Music should be more about the art than the business.

    When consumers buy music, they are not concerned with the business side of it. They are looking for a song that speaks to them, has a unique sound, a good beat, or creative lyrics. Personally, I download songs because I enjoy them; I like the unique sound or beat, or I can relate to the lyrics. I don't download them based on how the artist's business is going. I think the artistic side of music is greatly affected in a negative way by the business and marketing aspects. Some artists are forced to sing songs that are targeting a specific demographic and this limits their creativity greatly, resulting in a song that has no substance and sound just like every other song on the radio. I would rather hear something unique that is not targeted to a boy crazy preteen girl audience.

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