File-sharing: Should unregulated distribution of copyrighted works over Internet be allowed?

  • Yes it should!!

    I think that unregulated distribution of copyrighted works over the internet is good, I think it should be legalized, and to get rid of copyright, and so I can get copies of Windows at anytime, and so I can get commercial fonts for free, if file sharing was allowed, I would love it!!

  • The Internet Has Changed The World

    Growing up with the new and every changing Internet I have come to realize that it is absolutely impossible to police the Internet. With that said, it is impossible to stop people from sharing copyrighted works over the Internet and any attempt to control it, would generally cost far more than those materials are truly worth. As it is, I think it is best to leave it alone and allow it, but someone could also create a way to protect these works, but it's going to have to be very efficient.

  • Yes, files should be shared.

    I understand a writers desire to protect his or her own work but this copyright thing has been blown entirely out of proportion. It is now considered copyright infringement when you summarize an article by rewriting it, even when the rewriting is in your own words. With that being the case everyone should be afraid of writing anything because very few of us are writing about something for the first time.

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