Filibuster: Do you support the use of filibusters?

  • Yay or nay to filibuster

    You need filibuster in order to keep the senate from passing ridiculous laws. With filibuster outcast the simple majority will allow extremists much more power. Without methodical thinking within the senate you're more prone to the minority party to have no say in matters. Although bills may not pass as efficiently the stability of the country is upheld. This gives both sides of the argument a voice whether or not they are a simple majority; however, if you can achieve 60 votes in senate to end filibuster this should be an option.

  • Give Attention to a Cause

    I support the use of filibusters to bring attention to a particular cause. For example, I supported Senator Rand Paul's use of a filibuster to bring attention to the country's unconstitutional drone strike program. While it accomplishes little legislatively in practical terms, the use of filibusters has other worthwhile uses.

  • No to Filibusters

    Filibusters are time wasters in regards to getting government policy changes in Washington. Filibusters are not as important as lobbyist who provide financial support to the masses to get their political agenda approved. Filibusters are only time wasters who occupy the floors of Congress to hear themselves heard without results.

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