Filibuster: Does filibuster fit with US traditions, intentions of Framers?

  • Filibusters do fit with the intentions of Framers

    "Invoking the Founding Fathers and the meaning of the Constitution, Republicans said Democrats were trampling the minority rights the framers intended to protect." -NY Times

    Any change to limit the minority party's right to filibuster would further aggrandize power in the majority leader's office. This would severely limit debate and further limit opportunities for members to offer ammendments contrary to the long history of the Senate.

  • Yes, filibuster allows for passionate opposition.

    Yes, filibuster fits with the intentions of the framers of the United States, because it provides an avenue for a passionate debater to block a new law. A filibuster only works if there is not enough public support to override the veto. Thus, any filibuster that is successful in blocking a law is not wildly popular. Filibuster also allows politicians to draw attention to important issues.

  • Filibusters Are Part Of US Tradition Or Not

    Filibusters do not fit with US traditions because it is used as a way to extend and prolong a possible important vote that could benefit every citizen in US. For instance, when passing the Health Care Law many Republicans used the filibuster procedure to prolong and not give a vote.

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