Filibuster: Is filibustering presidential nominees ever appropriate?

  • Yes, it blocks unpopular candidates.

    Yes, it is appropriate to block presidential nominees, because if the person can be defeated by a filibuster, they were not popular enough to hold the position to begin with. The American public loves a filibuster. C-Span-2 loves the ratings, because, let's be honest, when else would you watch C-Span 2. Filibusters are a win for justice and entertainment.

  • Yes. All political tactics have their place

    I think filibustering presidential nominees is a valid political tactic, only because all political tactics have their place and a time. I could see how filibustering could be non-constructive and tasteless, but I see it as a matter of tactics. If there were a nominee whom I was very opposed to, I would favor a filibuster. However, I have never encountered that situation but it is just hypothetical,

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