• I will miss it!

    It was a great series, great characters, and storyline. Brought entertainment to my TV nights! Sucks when a good series ends, but at least I have all the seasons, I can re-watch them if I wanted!
    When you get into a series, it distracts you from your life and you enter a different world!

  • It's not popular.

    No, we will not miss the series True Blood when it is gone, because it is not a widely popular show. It's on HBO, which isn't a widely watched network to begin with, because it is a niche network. With the economy in bad shape, most people have dropped their HBO. There are many other shows like it.

  • No, we will not miss True Blood

    True Blood is boring. It is my opinion that this show has already continued for too long. The quality of the plot has deteriorated so that the show is uninteresting and no longer plausible. The show is unlikely to be missed because it is a poor quality show that is rapidly losing its appeal.

  • Is This Show Still Going?

    I was so sure this show had ended years ago! I'm sure there are many True Blood fans out there, as with any long running show, who will be sad to see the series end, but I can't call myself one of them. It's a show I rarely hear mentioned, so I can't help but think the broader population share my feelings.

  • No it's after all a TV series.

    The television series are basically for entertainment. When one series is over one definitely forgets it. Maybe sometime we might remember it for a few more days or weeks but when something new comes we will be looking forward to the new one rather than thinking about the old one.

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