Financial Incentives are Better Motivators than Harsh Discipline.

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    Student will want to study if there are rewards for them. Let's imagine that your parents promise to give you 10 dollars if you get an A on your math test. Would you want to study for the test? I think most of you will say 'Yes' for this question. How would you feel if you got and A+ on you test, and no one rewards you with your test result? (I would feel terrible)

  • It is good for students

    Students would be able to work harder than usual to get the reward. This will make the student have a long concentration span , and would also make the child experience how he/she should study, or do something. I hope everybody would like this argument I have. Thank you. ~victor***~

  • No, They wouldn't.

    By the reward they will try to get good scores for the money. And would think the whole point of studying is for money. But, After days they will think that if there is no money they wouldn't want to study and which means that it gives a bad behavior that thinks 'studying is for money, Not my life and future. '

  • NO, they aren't.

    Short time effort makes more problems: students expect rewards for hard work. Also, schools are bribing students to stay. . . . . . . . . .. . . .. .. . .. . . .. . . . .. . . .. . . ... . . . .

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