• Dory Can do this!!

    I think Disney cannot let Dory be an orphan!! Somewhere, deep inside of her, she has a memory of her childhood and I think she is starting to remember it. (It reminds me of Bourne Identity...) If Disney thinks they can make a sequel out of the best movie ever, then Dory better find her family.
    (I wonder what they would be like...!)

  • I think she will

    Dory is very smart although she is challenged. She has a growth mindset with the help of marlin and nemo who have enormous faith in her. She did have a fixed mindset but now that she has faith it has turned into a growth mindset and she believes she can do anything.

  • Yes, it is happy end movie.

    Separation of Dory and her parents was either done by choice or forced by circumstance, for some reason - just curious what the alternative is? You are basically saying someone made her go or they didn't...So, I belive that she will find her family at the end. Can`t wait to watch it!

  • Dory will find her family and they will live happily ever after

    Dory is a forgetful fish who forgets what she was talking about two seconds ago. This time, Dory is older, wiser, and had new friends - an octopus and a shark to help her out. The blue tang fish is in for a wild ride. We want to follow the adventure, She says: "I have a family." "I miss them." How can it be any other way? The movie is really about finding her. The movie is about the real meaning of family, and how important family is.

  • Yes Dory will find her family

    With help from Nemo and Marlin (Albert Brooks), Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) the forgetful fish embarks on a quest to reunite with her mother (Diane Keaton) and father (Eugene Levy). Considering the fact that this is being produced by Disney, I am sure the movie will have a happy ending, Dory would be reuniting with her family

  • Dory May Be Searching For A While

    It would be nice for Dory to find her family, but, since Finding Nemo was such a popular movie and now there is a second part, I think that a third part may be planned in the future if the second one is successful. For this reason, I don't think Dory will find her family. She was very forgetful in the first one and seems to have trouble completing simple tasks.

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