Fireball Whiskey recalled: Should antifreeze compounds be used as beverage sweeteners?

  • Yes they should be recalled

    fireball whiskey was correct for recalling its product. It is not safe to use antifreeze and it should not be used as sweeteners in beverages. Using a chemical to cheapen producing cost, does not outlWeigh the cost of people loosing their lives using an unsafe product. Why can't companies just be honest and use real things.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    Really? How is "should antifreeze compounds be used as beverage sweeteners" even a question. That sounds very dangerous and disgusting. Using the same compounds as stuff you put in your car to make stuff you put in you can't be healthy. So, no, obviously I don't think we should be drinking the same stuff used in antifreeze.

  • No way should they be permitted

    No way should they be permitted. I can't believe anyone even allowed this to happen. But it shouldn't really be surprising considering that food laws have not been very tight in the U.S. since the 1990s. It seems there is less oversight. I am not sure how the FDA is not prosecuting cases like this.

  • Antifreeze in Whiskey, I don't think so!

    I know from first hand experience how deadly drinking antifreeze can be and I don't think there should be any components of it in beverages. Antifreeze can cause kidney failure and death. There has to be something else Fireball Whiskey can use to add as a sweetener to their beverages.

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