Fire's a sign of rebirth, so I have reasoned that Hell last only until you TRULY feel remorse. Then, reborn without sin, Heaven opens?

  • Almost all cultures believe in the renewal and sign of rebirth that fire represents...

    It's my belief, gained from reading many of the different versions of the Bible, that Lucifer's largest point in the argument with God was the fact that He would forgive the human race for anything as long as they repented. However, His first Sons and Daughters - The Angels - could do nothing to gain His forgiveness when They sinned. So Lucifer, in his argument believed that he could do better than God and said so, causing God to give him the opportunity to do so.

    Thus, Hell was created.

    Now I believe that Hell is just Lucifer's way of stating "You must truly Know and Understand remorse for what you have done, before you can gain an entrance to Heaven's Gate."

    As any true intellectual will inform you, there can be no TRUE understanding without personal experience, and we all know how good a teacher Suffering can be.

  • Such shaky reasoning.

    Not only is this not directly supported by any scriptures, but it also contradicts the scriptural messages.
    I would like to see what scriptures you would use in a back-handed way to support this reasoning and am also curious as to if you are aware of the contradictions to scripture that would arise from this reasoning.

  • You are taking symbolism from outside christianity

    Sorry, but this is special pleading inconsistent with biblical text. Fire is a symbol of rebirth to many, but is not used as such in the bible. Were Sodom and Gomorrah reborn? No, they were destroyed.

    This is wishful thinking at best. But realistically, this is the religious approach to reasoning in general, so I am not surprised, really...

  • Hells Not For Real

    There is a lot you have to assume in order for that argument to work, and since no description of hell is in the Old or New Testaments according to religious scholar Phillip Jenkins you cannot argue hell exists from any biblical perspective, but lets take a step back and assume your not talking about any Abrahamic religion, and just god and the afterlife in general, using fire "as a symbol of rebirth" is a faulty analogy, maybe fire is a sign of ultimate destruction, ultimately one cannot compare advanced metaphysical concepts like hell by comparing them to fire an earthly phenomena for there is nothing on earth the compares to the hinterworld.

  • Hell lasts forever

    The scripture says "the eternal lake of fire". It's forever, it doesn't end. It's not that you burn once and it's all over. You can't go back it's "eternal separation" from God. You won't be feeling remorse. Only regret and gnashing of the teeth. Eternal damnation. No going back for you.

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SweetTea says2014-08-19T07:35:45.910
You can "reason" all you want, but no religion (to my knowledge) teaches your theory. What you are describing sounds more like purgatory than hell.