• What do you mean

    As a human being i like to enjoy things like alchohol, Have fun and doing what i want but you are saying that they should be banned. I think not if we die it is our problem at least we died having fun not living in a sad cruel world they you think is good. That is just stupid

  • In the world today? For real?

    As a human being, i am programmed via a series of hormones to feel concern for other human beings (as much as i hate it.). In the world today, we have people dumb enough to put forks in toasters, eat Tide Pods, and like country music. Do you think if fireworks were easy to access the fatality rate wouldn't rise? People would be dead left and right. And sadly, as much as it pains me to say, dead people, are not productive people. With that, try and stay alive kids.

  • They should not be banned

    It is not the people who enjoy fireworks safely privately that are miss using fireworks And therefore should not be punished. Our family has pets and around bonfire time they are out early in the day and stay in with the radio or tv on so they don’t hear the noise. Our dogs are not bothered when going to the toilet in the garden by fireworks never have been. Fireworks bring enjoyment to many people and when used as they should be they bring enjoyment to many families. I see no need to ban them. Only those who abuse them should be punished. It is not fireworks that hurt others it’s the idiots who throw them. There is no need to ban them for the majority of people who use them sensibly. Bonfire night and fireworks are a long standing tradition and one that should be kept as it’s a time for families to have time together in their own gardens. Every year our family has a bonfire in our garden and enjoy fireworks and nieces nephews all family come together and enjoy fireworks.

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