First past the post voting: Is first past the post voting a good idea?

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  • First past the post voting is a bad idea.

    First past the post voting is a bad idea. It makes it difficult for third parties and others to have a say in the election, and just gives the votes to the people that often have the more money or the most sway with the people, which is not always the best thing.

  • FPP Voting Not a Good Idea (anymore)

    My answer is biased toward the experiences of past U.S. elections in which many U.S. States follow the guidelines of First-Past-the-Post voting to grant all electoral votes in a given state to the representative that won the most votes. I do feel that the FPP prospect does not give the overall outlook to a victor in a state or as a total representation of the U.S. If a candidate slips by another by a 100 votes in a given state with 50 electoral votes on the line, it weighs heavily on the 100 votes that swung toward one over the other. Instead, the electoral votes should be split up by percentage (%) based on how many votes a candidate receives over the other instead of a winner-takes-all idea that is brought up by the FPP concept.

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