First year dorm rooms: Should students be required to live in the dorms their first year of college?

  • Students should be required to live in the dorms their first year of college.

    College is a transition for young people, and it's necessary for their to be a safety net for them, at least during their first year. If students live in a dormitory, their resident advisors can help them in case there is a problem. College students should not have too much independence at first.

  • Can we sue?

    My brilliant grandson was just accepted into a state university 4 miles from his home. Both parents work there and are financially strapped with an underwater mortgage. They or he will have to borrow virtually every cent for his education. Their request to exempt him from the $12,000/year dorm & meal plan charges has been denied. I think this should be challenged as unlawful extortion.

  • are you going to pay for it?

    unless colleges are going to pay for that, and no I don't mean include it in the tuition, living on campus should not be a requirement for freshmen. How could this possibly work for those attending full time online from across the country? How could this work for those attending part time?

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