First year dorm rooms: Would you get more studying done in the dorms, vs. studying in your own apartment?

  • I would get more studying done in my dorm

    From personal experience living both in a dorm and in an apartment, I found it easier to get more studying done when I was in the dorms. Though it was a lot noisier and pact with other students, I was less socially involved and more focused on my acedamics. There was a certain structure to living in the dorms compared to living in an apartment.

  • I would get more studying done in my own apartment.

    Dorm rooms are often loud and full of distracting. Roommates like to do different things at different times. Someone might want to watch TV or listen to music when someone else is studying. The best place to get work done is in a quiet area. It's always better to study in your own, private space.

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