Five people shot in downtown Seattle shot, witnesses say not related to protest: Are people on edge after the election?

  • Yes, people are on edge after the election.

    Yes, people are on edge because there have been many protests all across the country since Donald Trump was elected. We have just elected a man who appears to be an outright racist to be President of the United States and that's the reason people are on edge. People are scared because they have no idea what Trump will do as president.

  • People are on edge

    More than almost any election I recall, people are edgy and emotional. It started during one of the ugliest campaigns I've ever witnessed. Many of us are heartbroken, afraid and angry. Many are jubilant and aggressive. Trump really riled up a lot of this country. He whipped up his supporters and fomented a lot of unrest. Even if Clinton had won, I think there would be a lot of heightened emotions.

  • Yes, they are.

    People are on edge after the elections. The elections that made Donald Trump the President has send lots of the opposition people protesting in the streets. Lots of things have happened during this protests including the shooting of five individuals. Though witnesses say it was not related to the protest, this should be confirmed soon.

  • People are not on edge after the election

    People are not on edge after the election. Why would they be? If people are causing violent protest it is not because they feel any sense of protest. It is that they are looking for an excuse to break the law and blame it on something else. This is a sad commentary on Seattle.

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