Five soldiers died and four are missing after a truck overturns near Fort Hood. Do army personnel receive the necessary training?

  • Personnel receive necessary training to deal with real life situation

    Training maneuvers are necessary to prepare personnel to receive the necessary training. Training does not guarantee positive results every time, but it does prepare personnel to deal with catastrophe's and natural disasters as well as possible. Not every circumstance can be anticipated, nor can anyone guarantee how they will respond in a real-life scenario such as the flooding that took these soldiers lives.

  • Since this is the first time I've heard of anything like this, I have to say yes.

    This is clearly a tragedy. It's hard to know whether this was caused by a lack of training, or what. However, I almost never hear about anything like this in the military, so I have to assume that they are getting the proper training. Mistakes happen, regardless of how much training you've had.

  • Yes they do.

    They receive all the training they need. Sometimes accidents just happen and there is nothing you or I can do about it. It is a tragedy to be sure but the time is not to mourn but to send prayers to the families of the soldiers who were in the accident

  • No, army personnel do not receive adequate training.

    It is my opinion that the army personnel does not receive enough training to prevent situations involving avoiding traffic accidents and collisions. There is a lot of focus on keeping soldiers safe in the field of combat, but not when traveling in vehicles. Not only does the incident at Fort Hood give an example, there have been countless other soldier fatalities due to lack of training involving motor vehicles.

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