• Flags Represent A Country

    Flags represent the countries ideas and values of a nation. That is why me and my buds love to host bonfires where we burn the flags of nations around the world. Burning their flags shows a disrespect against each nation, so we make sure to light every flag equally so as to show equal disrespect towards everyone. Last week my friend brought a whole case of American flags from their independence day celebrations. Burning American flags means showing disrespect to their culture of Shooting and Fat.

  • Weeping & Gnashing of Teeth

    After the horrific SHOOTINGS in South Carolina, the Confederate flag was finally removed from the state grounds. After the multiple school SHOOTINGS of hundreds of children and the SHOOTINGS in South Carolina, gun control laws were not introduced let alone the Second Amendment repeal, Walmart did not stop carrying guns like they did the Confederate flag. If anyone even thinks of talking about guns after these events (school, theatre, church, etc SHOOTINGS), they are quickly shunned and shut out, much like the weeping and gnashing of teeth. While people can still kill with knives and swords, a perpetrator can not reach the level of carnage as can be reached with guns, let alone automatic weapons.

  • Flags are just a symbol

    I don't believe guns kill people kill. But anyways I don't think we should blame a 150 year old flag of a nation that does not exist anymore. I think people don't pay attention to their perspective this was nearly a century and a half when this flag was made and people were not as civilized back then. I believe we should not ban this flag and let it be a reminder of a horrible thing that we should never do again.

  • Guns don't kill people

    First of all, guns don't kill people. People kill people. Even if you take away guns from people, there will still be people killing people.

    Flags don't kill people. What's going on is that some people who are sensitive are making a big deal over a flag that once ment America was breaking up. If it still means that, I don't know. But when one of these sensitive people see a flag, it sends them a message that whoever has this flag doesn't like America. Honestly, I think that if you just really like colecting flags, you have a Confederate flag. If you just have a confederate flag hanging around in or out of your house, just be aware that some people are hurt by this and respect their feelings.

  • Neither are the root of the problem

    People need to understand that violence is not a good solution to practically any situation. It's the violent people who need help with life because some lack of understanding has caused their emotions to take control over their rational thought.

    You can take away the flags or you can take away the guns but neither one will take away the hate.

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