Flagstaff officer punches woman in face during arrest: Is police brutality getting worse?

  • Yes, police brutality is getting worse

    The frequency of police brutality incidents and the ability to capture the moment on camera are demonstrating the reactive nature of police. There needs to be more training for police to disarm a situation without using violence. The media is focusing on police brutality and that brings more attention to the the matter to the public.

  • Yes they are.

    They are here to protect us kindly, not come to beat us up then take us to jail. That's insane! They are such big liars! Police officers who lie and beat people up shouldn't be working as a police officer. They should fire any officer who do these unkind things. Plus they don't need to beat up anyone if it isn't that bad! They should only beat up if its only for emergencies, NOT FOR TANTRUM! Police officers these days have tantrum. If there are any that say they do it to protect us( from these little things) then I would say I didn't even feel protected when a person didn't do something that bad. ONLY BEAT UP PEOPLE IF THEY DID SOMETHING VERY,VERY TERRIBLE. Like think of a dictator, you would want to beat that person up for doing extremely dumb things. Even the terrorist leader!

  • Yes, tensions between the public and police are being increasingly strained.

    While it is necessary in some instances for police to use force to subdue someone during an arrest, there are better ways than punching someone in the face. Police are equipped with batons, mace, tasers, and other defense tactics, so there should be no reason to resorting to direct and unrestrained violence. It is understandable that police are feeling pressure because they are constantly being scrutinized and criticized in the media, but our communities become unsafe when civilians are being brutalized by those who are supposed to protect them.

  • Yes, i agree.

    This is actually very true. Police brutality is getting worse recently. The flagstaff officer who punched the woman in the face during arrest did a wrong thing. This should not be encouraged. If anything, the officer should face the law to be a lesson to the rest of the police.

  • Yes, police are emboldened

    It is my opinion that police in the U.S. have become more emboldened to use excessive force in recent years. Police have become more fearful of protesters and dissenters. After a recent string of incidents in which police officers were not charged for brutality, many police officers feel emboldened to act as they wish without fear of repercussions.

  • No, it isn't.

    Police officers know what their job is and they carry it out proudly, as they should. They have some of the scariest jobs you can get in America. With our gun culture, anyone could have a gun and be ready to shoot them, and given the current relations between people and police that seems more and more likely. This officer was reportedly 'punched, kicked, and kneed in the groin,' and yet people still fight him because he punched her. This isn't a big deal because he punched her; it's a big deal because she's a girl, and we all know it. So no, police brutality is not increasing. If anything, the opposite is true, and in most cases this is what causes the police to be more aggressive. They have to be because they don't know if the person is an ex-marine that likes to kill cops or if the person is just a law abiding citizen. Once people stop and try to solve the problem, they will realize that they are the problem, not the police.

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