Flakka considered possible cause of man biting the face of his murder vicitm: Should more be done to stop the sale and use of this drug?

  • Yes it should

    Flakka is being compared to crystal meth and cocaine. It can make users violent and unaware of their surroundings. CNN reported that it was a huge epidemic in 2014 and has "come and gone". However even if it's not a problem now, it's likely to become one again since the supply of other available drugs, street and otherwise, tend to fluctuate. So more should be done to stop that sale of Flakka and other drugs like it.

  • Yes, there should be more done to stop the sale of Flakka

    Flakka is called the "Devil's Drug" because of its crazy additive powers. The use and sale of the drug should be withdrawn due to the potential superhuman strength and insane reaction of the user. The drug is relatively cheap and so addictive that it is easy to abuse. The drug is too powerful to control.

  • Yes, it should.

    Flakka is a dangerous drug and it should be considered a controlled substance. If it is not already illegal, it should be considered illegal. It needs to be given the same attention that other simarly dangerous drugs are given. It should be treated seriously as it a a very dangerous drug with terrible consequences.

  • I agree that more should be done to stop the sale of Flakka.

    Recent studies have shown that Flakka can cause violent aggression in some individuals who take it. While it may not be the only cause of the incident where a man bit the face of a murder victim, it definitely was a contributor. More studies may be needed to ban Flakka completely but more should be done to ban it.

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