Fleetwood Mac tour: Is it appropriate to bring children to a rock concert?

  • Yes it is okay to bring children to a rock concert.

    Especially Fleetwood Mac. Even if its a rowdy concert, for instance a Gwar or Metallica concert, it is a-okay to bring your child. If you can't do a good job protecting your child, its your fault more than 50% of the time. .......... ...... .... ... ... ......... ......... ............

  • Bringing Children to a Rock Concert.

    When we look at what we call a rock concert in today's world it is totally different than what it was back in the day, when rock concert meant something and had a message, now rock concerts you don't know what is being said out of their mouth. If you are a parent that likes to take children to a rock concert than do your research to find about the person's music that is going to be performing, so you know what to expect.

  • Fleetwood Mac have fans of all ages.

    Some rock concerts are okay to take children to and others are not. Fleetwood Mac has fans of all ages and would likely be fine to take children to. However, hard rock concerts where there are mosh pits or there are safety risks would not be ok to take children to.

  • It is appropriate to bring children to a rock concert.

    I don't know of any case, wherein Fleetwood Mac has been seen as scandalous or salacious. Neither do I recall any expletives in their songs, though there may be. Either way, Fleetwood Mac seems like a pretty tame concert, a good family event. Being a heavy metal concert goer myself, I love seeing parents bring the next generation of music listeners to the concerts, and don't see anything wrong with it. Problem arise when parents can't talk to their children honestly about themes in music, and children end up picking it up from other kids or the Internet.

  • No, Not Really

    As a parent of an 7 year old boy, I can't imagine taking him to a rock concert. At best, I might endure a One Direction concert for his benefit. Most rock concerts, however, are not appropriate for young children. This is one of the reasons I've avoided concerts for the most part, they aren't family friendly.

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