Flint officials charged in water crisis: Are the charges just political gamesmanship?

  • Yes, they are abusing power.

    Ultimately, Bill Scheutte, the Attorney General, is a Republican. He is higher up in the political hierarchy in the State of Michigan than the people in Flint who were responsible for the water crisis. If these people were of the same political party, these charges would never happen. This is an abuse of the political system to punish political enemies.

  • They need to save face

    I would like to believe that the charges are for the right reasons but that is extremely unlikely. It seems the only time we see "justice" in situations like these is when the public outcry surrounding them can not be ignored. I fear that is the case with this water crisis as well.

  • No, the charges are not just political gamesmanship.

    No, the charges filed against Flint officials in relation to the water crises are not merely political gamesmanship. Many Flint residents were harmed by the failure of individuals in multiple levels of government to ensure that the drinking water in Flint was safe. This harm could have been mitigated if officials had notified Flint residents of the lead levels in the drinking water as soon as this information was available, but they did not do so. The criminal charges are an important step in the process of holding people accountable for these failures that resulted in a crisis of such magnitude. Perhaps the threat of criminal charges will deter officials from making the same errors in the future, and will prevent a similar crisis from happening again.

  • No, the charges are justified.

    No, the charges against Flint officials are not just political gamesmanship. The way in which the Flint officials are complicit in the poisoning of thousands of people is a heinous crime and should be treated as such. It is essential for a democracy to function that politicians are held accountable by the people that they represent.

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