Flint water: should FEMA resources be spent to alleviate conditions caused by state governments?

  • The federal government should step in to resolve disasters caused by state officials

    The Flint water crisis was caused by cost-cutting measures that were very poorly conceived and even more poorly executed. The state government is clearly not equipped to resolve the mess that they made. However, people are being hurt by that mess. Heavy metal poisoning is toxic and could have life-changing effects on Flint's residents, especially children. Someone must resolve the factors affecting their health as soon as possible. The federal government, as the only organization capable of oversight over the state government, should step up.

  • Someone has to help

    I don't know that it really matters where the help comes from at this point. The people of Flint need help. The situation with their water is extremely dangerous, and if their own local and state government isn't going to provide the help they need, then FEMA should. We cannot just sit back and watch this happen without providing aid.

  • The condition of the water, the pipelines, and the damage done by the Flint water is definitely cause for FEMA to step in.

    FEMA is supposed to help with emergencies, right? I would definitely consider the Flint water situation to be a emergency. The water had caused lead poisoning in many people and jeopardized the water lines of the city throughout the entire town. I don't think that the town could possibly recover on its own.

  • Of course FEMA should help the people of Michigan!

    The government should help its citizenry when it has problems internally. Even if these problems occur because of mismanagement, higher levels of government exist to manage and help solve all these kinds of situations. The faulty arm of government should be changed for better employees and improve project management inside the country.

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