Flint's Water Crisis: Should state officials improve their response to complaints from local activists?

  • Don't listen, at your own peril.

    The water crisis in Flint has brilliantly illustrated the disconnect of the leaders from the citizens. The citizens are begging for help, and it seems that the state officials are dragging their feet. The water has lead from the ancient pipes in the city and it is damaging people. The officials really should listen and respond better, or they will be recalled.

  • They really need to

    I mean these poor people have really been put in an awful situation. They need help as quickly as possible. Just imagine not having clean water to drink or even bathe in and then add in the fact that it's winter. Some people can't get out in the winter especially if the weather is bad so imagine being stuck at home with no drinking water. These people need help asap!!!

  • Prevention starts with being open to suggestions

    In order for an agency to have a comprehensive prevention strategy, especially one that covers such a crisis as the Flint water situation, that agency must first have the resources and protocols to listen to local players. Though they may feel that activists are their adversaries, activists are a valuable asset to let agencies know what needs must be address in the near and distant future.

  • More can be done

    Regardless of the situation state officials should improve their response to local activists. There is a reason why people are activating and having a suitable response would show that they are actually concerned about what is happening in local communities versus just about the money. The activists live in the communities so are able to experience on close hand just what needs to be changed.

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