Flipkart's Mega Sale flops: Will Flipkart ever surpass Snapdeal or Amazon in popularity?

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  • No, flipkart will not surpass Snapdeal or Amazon in popularity.

    Snap deal and Amazon have too many marketing strategies and an efficient way of working. They have become a popular household names with people from the remotest part of the world being aware of their existence. Considering this, Flipkart have to put in place, better sale and marketing strategies for them to be more popular.

  • No, Flipkart will never be as big as Amazon.

    Flipkart offers many consumer goods online, just like Amazon. Flipkart is from India, so it does have a potentially large consumer base. In the end however, Amazon has been the site that first started offering this service online. They have been at it for a long time, and while many upstarts come and go, Amazon endures.

  • No, they will never surpass their competition.

    The recklessness with which Flipkart handled their huge online sale proves they don't have the professionalism or the price points to compete with their rivals in the online commerce field. Also, the negative public relations they've garnered with this fiasco of a sale will only hurt their reputation and push more people to look to Amazon or Snapdeal when they shop online.

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