Florentine archives discovered to be almost 700 years old: Will technology help increase future generations' interest in the past?

  • Yes, it will.

    New technology not only is helping us to discover things that were previously hidden, but it also is giving us new and exciting ways of exploring those things. Technology is how young people interact with the world, and it can help them explore old things and stay interested in the past.

  • Yes, technology will increase interest in the past.

    Yes, future generations will probably be more interested in the past due to technology. For generations, history was only accessible for most people through official textbooks, which often left a great deal out or were biased toward the dominant groups. With technology making new discoveries and primary documents available for anyone to see, future generations will be able to see for themselves almost anything they want to know, which will definitely increase their level of interest.

  • The past is fascinating.

    I think that the younger generation is getting more interested in the past, and a lot of this is due to today's improved technology. Sites such as make it easier than ever to find out about previous generations and share the information that you find with others. It's like an exciting treasure hunt.

  • Yes, technology will increase interests in the past.

    Future generations will continue to be fascinated by history because of help from technology. Technology has assisted historians in learning more about the past. These historical discoveries will continue as further advances in technology are made. Many enjoy learning about historical artifacts and information. Therefore, historians will continue using technology in their quest for learning more about history.

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