Florida legalizes medical marijuana: Should medical marijuana be legalized everywhere?

  • Yes, it should.

    Medical marijuana should be legalized everywhere. This is because marijuana is medically fit and not harmful to people. In fact it helps to prevent cancer and also for killing the cancer cells in the cancer patients. Therefore medical marijuana should be legalized but also advised to use in minimal amount.

  • As long is it's monitored

    Yes, I think medical marijuana should be legalized all over the US. As long as there's a genuine medical need for it, access to it shouldn't be denied to patients. From cancer to glaucoma to seizures, it can help people who are suffering and are in pain, and that's one of the goals of medicine.

  • Yes, I agree.

    Medical marijuana is important to a lot of people. According to a Discovery Health article, marijuana has been extremely successful in relieving nausea, which is extremely good news for cancer patients suffering from nausea as a side effect of chemotherapy. The drug also helps with people who have loss of appetite due to diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, it helps relax muscle tension and spasms and chronic pain.

  • It does more harm than good.

    It is true that medical marijuana helps some people. There are some very stressed out people who are able to function better when they have medical marijuana. However, there are a lot of people who abuse the system. They get medical marijuana when they don't really need it. This hurts those people as well as society in general.

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