Folders presented by Trump at his press conference may be blank: Did Trump lie about the contents of the folders?

  • Yes, i agree

    I actually suspect that Trump lied about the contents in the folders about the Business Plan. The photo's posted clearly show that the folders he kept referring to and pointing at them as he addressed the press conference , were blank. Therefore, we should not believe in any of this.

  • Just like everything else

    Nothing that comes out of Trump's mouth can be trusted or believed. He lies about anything and everything, all the time. I'm sure the folders were simply stuffed full of random scrap paper, set up as a prop to make it look like the fool actually had an idea about what he was doing. Doubtful too many people fell for his ruse.

  • I've not seen the evidence to conclude

    With it being Donald Trump it is believable that the contents of the folders may have been empty. I certainly wouldn't have put it past him. However without conclusive evidence I don't think you can say they were empty. There is a big enough problem already with fake news, this may just be another case of that.

  • No, he did not lie.

    President-elect Trump did not lie about the contents of the folders at his press conference. The story about the folders being blank is just a roomer - no proof that they were empty. Therefore, Trump has no reason to lie about the contents inside the folders. These kind of stories are just silly.

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